The game runs as a single process which is launched via the Twisted command line program, twistd. The application is written as a Twisted Application Plugin.

The main entry point is, which will be located in the twisted/plugins folder of your source repository or of your Python environment’s site-packages folder, depending on whether you have cloned the repository or have installed the software (e.g. with pip).

There is a global name, serviceMaker at the end of this script which is bound to an instance of a class that implements the twisted.application.service.IServiceMaker interface. When twistd runs, it detects this application plugin and displays its tapname attribute as one of its subcommands. If you run the werewolves sub-command, the makeService() method is called on this instance. This is the program entry point.

The makeService() method parses command line options, looks for configuration files, and generally configures both the terminal service and the web service provided by the game. The two services are set as child services of a generic parent MultiService() instance. The general Twisted reactor framework will begin to send network events to the services as they become available.